Front and Back Office Solutions

At QMS, we offer Customer Voice Support Agents and Customer Non-Voice Support Agents to relieve your front office personnel of tedious daily tasks.

Customer Voice Support Agents are trained to aid your company by taking calls for scheduling and confirming appointments as well as logging and routing calls to various departments within or outside office hours. Specifically, Voice Support Agents offer:

• 24-hour answering service
• Appointment scheduling and confirmation
• Customer service support
• Tech support

Meanwhile, Non-Voice Support Agents will be your silent partners for data entry, file management, documents organization and other back-office duties. Non-Voice Support Agents specialize in the following:

• Data entry
• Files management

This type of aid from QMS is guaranteed to maximize the efficiency of your front office even during the busiest days.


Medical Billing Solutions

Due to the typical waiting time hospitals and medical facilities need to settle insurance claims payments, healthcare centers do not receive the money until such time that the insurance agency settles the claim.

QMS can help with daily claims monitoring, continuous calls to insurance and timely denial management. With our support, hospitals and clinics can take a load off and focus their efforts on more pressing needs such as optimizing on-site patient experience. We offer:

• 24-hour answering service
• Appointment scheduling and confirmation
• Call for prior authorization
• Accounts Receivable (AR) Management*
• Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification
• Medical document abstraction
• Medical revenue cycle management
• Claims submission
• Denial management


Accounting Services

Keeping track of money coming in and going out of a company is crucial to any business. Let QMS help increase your profitability and enhance your efficiency in terms of accounting tasks.

We have three levels in the accounting services we offer:

BASIC: Initial services
• Processing of payables
• Processing of receivables
• Bookkeeping (precursor to financial statement preparation)
• Billing
• Bank reconciliation (validation of payments)

ADVANCED: requiring technical specialists
• Payroll
• Fixed assets (assets purchased for long-term use and not easily convertible to cash i.e., equipment)
• Inventory
• Intercompany
• Compliance (legal compliance with regulatory bodies in the US or other countries)
• Financial statement preparation

LONG-TERM: offered in 1-2 years of commitment with QMS
• Tax planning
• Management consultancy
• Selling of accounting software


Nursing Home Clinical Quality Assurance Solutions

The high demand and scarce supply of healthcare facilities sometimes necessitates outsourcing quality assurance tasks.

At QMS, we value and guarantee quality. We provide real-time clinical reviews, 24-hour report scrub and survey preparation audits each day.

Let QMS take charge of this regulatory documentation compliance, leaving nursing time for the best bedside patient experience you can offer.


Graphic Design and Web Design & Development

We live in a digital world - QMS understands this. As such, together with our vast array of services, we also provide web design and development to boost your business’ online presence.

QMS offers the full range of advertising services:
• Website design and development
• Graphic design
• Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
• Digital marketing
• Social media management
• Website maintenance (updating of content and photos; bug fixes)

QMS also offers brand development so your company can clearly and effectively communicate what your brand is really all about.

To make sure your website works the way you want it to, inclusions in this service are customizable.

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